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Htc one S

Written By cooking-food-wine on Saturday, March 31, 2012 | 2:35 AM

Lawsuit against the blog name HTC HTC-center, the HTC one S unit used in unboxing video of the site was seized by French authorities. . The phone was purchased by HTC-center from trusted sources.  According to HTC-center, two weeks after MWC has inquired about the PR firm HTC Hopscotch for review units of HTC One series. According to the site, HTC-center was told by Hopscotch that HTC will be sending demo units for any one of HTC mobile phones in France to launch next week. So HTC-Hub took matters into their own hands and buy HTC is one of the confidential source. But because they do not get this unit from HTC's PR company, no embargo that the blog had to follow, making them free immediately post the unboxing video.  In this case, it sounds like HTC France may have been aware of how HTC-center got its HTC One S and I thought it was embargoed unit. Who is right and who is wrong is the court to decide, but it's obvious that HTC-center feel like it was stabbed in the back by Taiwan-based manufacturer. Htc said the problem arose from prbolem it will be resolved soon

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  1. Let's wait for the court decision... Thanks for sharing this story and I'm with you on the back stab scenario.